Malabo Equatorial Guinea Accor Hotel

Sofitel Sipopo GoIf is a luxurious Kempinski hotel and conference centre built on a golf course between Mongomo and Oyala on the mainland. It will be built in the same area as the Accor Hotel and Conference Centre Malabo Equatorial Guinea.

It features a specialised restaurant serving local cuisine by Gusto, an interior restaurant with a pool and rooms overlooking the port of Malabo.

For people who just want to get out of town for the weekend, this is a comfortable getaway. The Ibis Hotel is superbly located right on the sea front and offers beautiful views of Malabo and the island of Guinea in the background. This building overlooks a small island connected to the hotel by a pedestrian bridge.

It is literally a reinsurance for the presidential compound in Malabo and is suitable for government and business meetings in the city. All contributions are treated with the utmost respect and reflect the commitment of our guests to this property. We believe that our reviews, posts and reactions to properties will highlight the wide range of opinions and experiences that help guests make a well-informed decision about their stay.

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The hotel of the same name is the main place of residence in Malabo, one of the most popular hotels in the country, and as someone who has stayed at this hotel before, I must tell you what others have told me. It is situated on a hill integrated into the settlement of Sipopo, a few miles off the east coast of Malamo, in a beautiful garden, carefully cultivated. The pool is also the focal point for all Malabar residents who enjoy the Sunday buffet and are eligible for a package that includes use of our pool and other facilities.

The other hotels are Elik Melen, which has a restaurant and bar popular with locals and international visitors alike, and the Plaza Hotel, which has large guest rooms and is often used by government travelers. Located in Paraiso, the Magno Suites boutique hotel offers beautiful city views and a good selection of hotels and restaurants. Near the stadium, Flarex Hotel offers restaurants serving excellent grilled fish called Capitaine, as well as a variety of other dishes.

The Hilton is preferred by Americans and used by companies from abroad for longer stays. The Sofitel Sipopo is mainly used for hosting regional summits, which were built on the site of a former military base in the heart of the capital Port-au-Prince. A new shopping centre has been built to provide high-quality shopping and entertainment facilities and make it an international destination for business conferences. It has a popular restaurant and has access to a variety of local and international restaurants as well as a good selection of hotels and restaurants.

In Malabo, the Hotel Moca is located in a former monastery that was once abbot on Independence Square, near the Cathedral of Santa Isabel. The first Sofitel was developed at the Ibis Malabon, as was the first hotel in Port-au-Prince in the early 20th century and the second in 2010.

I had a lot of back and forth with the hotel, as I was told to take a taxi to the airport, even though I explained that I was a woman and did not want to do so for security reasons. So I thought about organising an airport transfer instead of finding the taxi at the airports. There are rooms 102 and 228, which are identical and both have small sofas built into the wall. I had a room at the Ibis Malabon when I stayed later than the Ibis Bata, but there is a difference between them as both have a small sofa on the walls.

I wanted to get someone to pick me up on the plane and go to the hotel, but I was hit by someone at the airport and had to leave.

By the way, I didn't notice any other female guests in the hotel, but I could eat at a table that seemed to be everyone else's preferred seating. There was a business rather than a tourist audience, which seems hardly surprising given the small number of tourists in Equatorial Guinea. The most active company is now Accor, which has developed a number of other business properties in the region, as well as a number of other hotels.

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More About Malabo