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When I arrived in the nouveau-riche nation of Equatorial Guinea, I was invited as a guest of the President, and it was hard not to be impressed. As I have been more concerned with the President of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, I didn't feel I knew exactly how it was going to go. Among other things, I met I repeated the mantra my advisers had dished out to me - that the world has the wrong impression of Equatorial Guinea, that it is a poor country, not a rich country.

As regards the government's diktats, I would like to say it again: Equatorial Guinea is trying its best to be a country governed by law. One mistake about Equatorial Guinea was that we do not have a functioning democracy, and that obviously has to do with state funding for functioning political parties. Then the cream - fitting for Yalland, who had some advice for the president and his administration.

International law can often be replaced by the laws of his country, and the president and his family have always escaped prosecution. Equatorial Guinea is a single economy where cash is spent, so there is no place to exchange money at the airport, and there is no bank account or any other form of money transfer in the country. As it is the only country in Africa with its own legal system, it does not provide legal certainty to foreigners working there.

Travellers from the UK and the EU require a visa to enter Equatorial Guinea, which they must apply for in advance at the nearest embassy or consulate. You must carry a passport or residence permit with you at all times during your stay in Equatorial Guinea and present it upon request. For travelers from the USA or the European Union or other foreigners from one of the EU member states, a visa is not required for entry to Equatorial Guinea, unless it has been requested prior to travel. Travel agencies, both in Equatorial Guinea and abroad, will be able to issue domestic tickets.

If you have recently been to a country where yellow fever is present, you must provide proof of a yellow fever vaccination before entering Equatorial Guinea. The Government of Equatorial Guinea does not require this for other countries in Africa, including, but not limited to, the United States, nor for travellers to a country at risk of yellow fever.

Although the US is only a small part of a country, it is located in the Gulf of Guinea, where it has quietly become one of the world's major oil and gas producers. To give you an idea of its size, Equatorial Guinea is the largest country in Africa and the second largest oil producer on the planet. Since the discovery of oil, they have, on paper at least, one of the highest per capita incomes on the planet, with an annual gross domestic product of more than $1.5 billion.

Since Equatorial Guinea has a lot to offer, you can devote yourself to a number of activities in the country. Below are some of the most important sights in Equatorial Guinea, as well as some activities and places you can visit. The streets are perfect, the hotels are generally excellent and the food and drink is also clean. It is very pleasant to stay in as the street is perfect and you basically have what you want, but the hotel is generally excellent.

Oyala City is the new capital of Equatorial Guinea and is located in the middle of the rainforest. It is the largest city in Equatorial Guinea, with a population of over 170,000 people, and it is the second largest city in Africa.

Spanish is the official language of the country and it should be noted that Equatorial Guinea is the only Spanish-speaking country in Africa. Spanish colonialists have been to this country twice, so there is a good chance that you will visit it anyway, but it is one of those small countries on the continent. The Basile peak is home to many travellers who enter the mountains of Malabo, which are located at an altitude of 3000 m above sea level. The capital of Equatorial Guinea-Oyala City, as well as the second largest city of the capital Oyala, is with a population of over 200,000 inhabitants also the largest and most popular tourist destination in Spanish-speaking countries in Africa.

It is characterised by its rich cultural heritage, which was blown up by the oil boom of the late 20th and early 21st centuries and the development of its tourism industry.

The most popular destination in Equatorial Guinea is Malabo, followed by Bata, and then Oyala in last place. As in most countries near the equator, the temperature in Equator Guinea remains constant throughout the year and is determined not by the season but by the altitude. The Orwellian complex grafted onto the capital, Malamo, is the face Equatorial Guinea wants to present to the world. BATA was once the capital of Equatorial Guinea and therefore has some of the best buildings in the country, most of which were built during the colonial era, such as the National Palace and the Royal Palace.

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More About Malabo